Implant Overdentures

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What are Implant Overdentures?

Implant dentistry is considered the premier dental care treatment option for people with missing teeth. Dental implants are small titanium anchors that are surgically placed into the upper and/or lower jaw bone. Over time, the implant anchors integrate with the bone and act very much like a natural tooth root in the mouth.

This process, known as osseointegration, not only creates a stable foundation to attach single and multiple teeth or dentures to but it also slows bone loss because there is not an empty space left within the mouth.Implant overdentures are typically prescribed for people with multiple or all of their teeth missing. Overdentures are replacement teeth retained by dental implants. They were developed to help both partial and fully edentulous patients regain a quality of life – with function, bone health, and appearance.

What are Teeth-in-a-Day Implants?

If you are suffering from full-mouth tooth loss, Teeth-in-a-Day implants may be the perfect option for you! With this revolutionary treatment, you will receive dental implants and temporary overdentures on the same day.

You will leave our office with a full set of teeth, allowing you to resume your daily life and activities without worry.

After your mouth and jaw have healed, your permanent overdenture will be attached to your implants, completing your smile restoration.

What are the Benefits of Implant Overdentures?

One of the biggest concerns with patients who have missing teeth is their lack of nutrition. Many people with multiple missing teeth are extremely limited in the foods that they are able to eat, thus not getting adequate nutrition and losing significant amounts of weight. Overdentures are stable, allowing wearers to chew food thoroughly and receive proper nutrients from a well-balanced diet. Thanks to the osseointegration process, implant overdentures help patients retain their facial features and structure.

Overdentures that are retained with implants fit more securely inside the mouth than ones held in with adhesives. This secure fit can eliminate unnecessary movement during chewing and talking, helping patients to avoid instances of embarrassment or sores in the mouth.

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