Convenient Dental Visits in West Babylon

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A New, Improved Way of Scheduling

Are you tired of calling around looking for the earliest available appointment? Do you dread trying to juggle your dental appointments and your family’s busy schedule? At Grace Dental Smiles, we offer new and improved scheduling options. Stop worrying about taking time off work for your dental visits, and schedule your convenient appointment with us today!.

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Convenient Office Hours

While you check in at our reception desk, your child can play with our toys, books, and video games. Our treatment rooms are just as kid-friendly with pillows, blankets and TVs on the ceiling to keep your child entertained while we work. You shouldn’t have to rearrange your entire life just to schedule a dental appointment. We offer convenient appointment hours so that you can schedule your appointment before or after work and schedule your kids’ visits after school and extracurricular activities. Call us today, and let us help you find the perfect time for your next dental health visit!

Family Block Appointments

We heard from numerous patients that they would love it if their whole family could be seen at the same time or back-to-back, so we made it happen! We offer family block appointments where we block out time in our schedule for your entire family. You still get the same patient-focused care you deserve, but now your family can be seen at the same time or at back-to-back appointments.

Same-Day Treatment

We won’t waste your time with numerous dental visits. We will always try to complete as many treatments as possible during your scheduled appointment. For example, during your first visit, we will complete an exam, digital X-rays, a thorough consultation, and a cleaning. If we notice any cavities or other dental issues, we will consult with you to see if you want us to complete treatment the same day. We value our patients and are committed to finishing all treatments in as few dental visits as possible.We will never start treatment without discussing it with you first. We are open to all of your questions and concerns.

Same-Day Emergency Visits

We care about our patients and never want them to suffer in dental pain. If you are experiencing any pain or have a chipped or cracked tooth, call us immediately. We have time set aside in our daily schedule just for dental emergencies, so call us now, and we will see you today!
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Join Our Family of Satisfied Patients

Top-Rated Dental Care

Our team offers expertise in dental implants, dentures, Invisalign, and emergency dentistry — all under one roof for your convenience.

Child-Friendly Environment

Affordable and Convenient

With our Dental Savers Plan, extended hours, and family scheduling, we make quality dental care accessible to everyone.

Insurance and Financing Options

Accepting a wide range of insurance plans and offering various payment options, we strive to make your care affordable.
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