Dr. Alex Einbinder


Dr. Alex Einbinder is a highly skilled dentist with a focus on dental implants and wisdom teeth.

He received his degree in Chemistry from Binghamton University where he performed research alongside a Nobel Prize winner.

He went on to receive his doctorate from Creighton University, where he took advanced courses in Oral Surgery, sparking his interest in implants.

Since, he has taken countless hours of courses and CE from industry leaders around the world.

He is constantly pushing boundaries and is a lifelong learner. He has placed thousands of dental implants and removed thousands of wisdom teeth. Dr. Einbinder believes in developing relationships with his patients through a holistic approach to dentistry. When not in the office, he enjoys flying planes (he’s also a pilot), traveling, reading, scuba diving, and hiking.

Dr. Alex Einbinder
I have a private pilot license.
I'm a certified master scuba diver.
I have placed over 2000 implants!
I love travel and have visited all 50 states.
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