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Custom Dental Night Guards in West Babylon, New York

Custom Dental Night Guards
in West Babylon, New York

Do you find yourself clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth when you are stressed? What about when you are asleep? Involuntary teeth grinding can do a number on your teeth and jaw muscles, and because it usually occurs during sleep, you might not even know you are doing it. As a part of our general dentistry treatments, we can provide a comfortable, custom-fitted night guard to give your jaw a rest and protect your oral health.

At Grace Dental Smiles, we want to help protect your teeth from damage and ensure your smile lasts a lifetime if possible. When a person clenches their jaw or grinds their teeth, this extra pressure can wear down teeth, even cause cracks, lost fillings or broken dental work. Severe teeth grinding is called bruxism and should be treated to prevent damage to your teeth.

Treatment for Bruxism

For those who suffer from bruxism, custom-made night guards can provide protection for their teeth while they sleep. These oral appliances look similar to mouth guards used in contact sports but are designed specifically for each mouth for comfort and effectiveness. Dr. Cherian can design a night guard that will help reduce the chance of further damage to your teeth and relieve pain that can accompany bruxism.

If you have been told by others that you grind your teeth while you sleep or have noticed jaw or tooth pain when you wake in the morning, come see us for a night guard consultation. In many cases, a simple and affordable custom dental night guard is all you need to get relief and protect your beautiful smile from damage. We accept most types of dental insurance plans and offer convenient payment options for those without insurance or without full coverage for dental night guards.

Contact us today to learn more about treating your bruxism or teeth grinding issue.

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Emily A.

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I had never had a good experience at the dentist until I came here. They made me feel very relaxed and comfortable through my entire appointment. I'm very excited to have them as my new dentist for my family.
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Thomas C.

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Extremely friendly friendly staff and Dr. Cherian is great at what he does and has a terrific bedside manner. Very happy I changed to this dentist and have already recommended him to my friends and family.
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Darian M.

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Always a pleasure coming to this place (and that sounds crazy when talking about the Dentist). Staff is always so happy and eager to assist you. The actual dentist himself is very professional and the other dental workers are also thorough and polite. Never have problem but always taken care of.
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